• 2nd Small-Scale LNG Summit

    Dates:   2019 February 12 - 2019 February 12

    For the second time, Small-Scale LNG Summit will bring together the whole value chain of LNG professionals, specialising in small-scale projects. The speaker lineup includes high profile experts, who have prepared to share tailor-made methods and approaches to ensure the effectiveness of LNG practices, especially when it comes to scaled-down operations. The summit also offers social activities that present the perfect opportunity to network with influencers and exchange ideas. It promises a remarkable knowledge transfer experience with great potential for making business deals.

    Key topics of the conference

    • How can small-scale LNG contribute to the growth of LNG demand?

    • Importance of developing SSLNG infrastructure that will support the marine bunkering industry.

    • Small-scale project flexibility and how can SSLNG projects be cost-effective and drive innovation.

    • SSLNG construction, latest developments and green initiatives.

    • Synergy between nations and companies. Governments and EU policy support in developing SSLNG projects.

    • SSLNG assistance in interconnectivity between markets. How physical connectivity links to security, diversification and ability to negotiate?

    • Latest market trends. How market diversification and interdependence will help in regional gas market development.

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