Dates:   2020 October 6 - 2020 October 7

    The Annual Conference of the Association of Bulk Terminal Operators – the only event aimed at the entire bulk terminals industry

    The Association of Bulk Terminal Operators’ Annual Conference takes place October or early November each year.

    The high-value programmes for the Annual Bulk Terminals Conferences are designed for all those involved in the transportation, storage and handling of bulk commodities.

    Bulk Terminals is a conference, rather than exhibition led event. Ample time is provided to network. In addition to networking breaks and discussions, the relaxed and convivial atmosphere of the Conference Reception provides the perfect opportunity to build relationships with new contacts – in 2018 on board a boat during a tour of Hamburg Harbour, and last year during a highly enjoyable cruise of Amsterdam’s Canals on the historic Friesland barge Anna Maria.

    From our first and very well received gathering in London, the Bulk Terminals conference has represented all sectors of the bulk terminals industry.

    With a full programme focused on the concerns of operators, each year ABTO’s Bulk Terminals conference offers sound practical solutions for improving safety, streamlining operations, ensuring environmental protection as well as a market analysis and development opportunities – together with how the wider industry serving them can provide solutions. The only event all those concerned with the bulk terminals industry need to attend.

    The two day conference programme for Bulk Terminals 2020 will continue the focus was on these issues, which bulk terminal operators tell us they most want to understand – and find the solutions to. A third half day will be a terminal and port visit.

    As well as terminals and ports we welcome equipment and service suppliers, professional advisors and academics to the conference. Indeed, ABTO feels strongly it is only through the interaction with these others that bulk terminals will achieve increased operational efficiencies, together with safety and environmental compliance.

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