• Maritime Cyber Security Virtual Summit


    Protect your data and vessel from cyber attacks.

    Lloyd's Maritime Academy presents a one-day summit on cyber protection software, standardisation across the industry and the proposed IMO guidelines.


    Cyber security and resilience can be a maze of different guidelines and solutions tackling a plethora of threats and risks. This one day seminar will break this down, focussing on three different P's for safety mangement systems and cyber awareness.

    • PROCEDURE: Unravel the guidelines and standards

    Understand the key elements behind Resolution MSC.428(98) and what needs to be done prior to and after the January 1st deadline. As we look ahead to a post-COVID era for shipping, digitalisation will rapdily evolve - what new threats are on the horizon?

    • PROCESS: Practical approaches to protect your organisation

    Understanding the risks is all well and good - but what are the steps you can take to tackle these malicious threats? Gain practical tools and advice on adopting a risk-based approach and using automated tools to help protect your vessels, data and people. 

    • PEOPLE: Combat the Insider threat and raise awareness

    Protect your vessel from the inside out, ensure your staff are fully trained in handling your cyber security software and increase cyber awareness across your organisation. What are the best methods in training staff and crew and creating a secure culture globally?

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