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  • 27th Maritime HR & Crew Management Conference

    Dates:   2021 October 20 - 2021 October 21

    ACI’s 27th Maritime HR & Crew Management conference will focus on training solutions provided to seafarers for the new decade until 2030 especially considering the development of automated vessels, and will approach the impact of new technologies on recruitment, as well as on the evolution of seafarers’ roles and its impact on health.

    This conference will also address diversity topics focusing on the place of women in shipping and training solutions to resolve intercultural miscommunication issues within multicultural teams.

    Join us in this year to learn more of how ship operators are meeting these challenges. The conference will bring together various key industry stake-holders including Ship-owners, Ship-managers & associated solution providers, fuel solutions, IT & data associations, consultants & technology providers.

    Key topics:

    • Seafarers’ Changing Roles on Automated Vessels
    • Maritime Digitalisation: Seafarers’ Near Future at Sea
    • Improving the Maritime Industry’s Attractiveness to Employees
    • Women in Maritime
    • Focusing on Cadet Trainings in the Digital Age
    • Enhancing Seafarers’ Life Conditions at Sea
    • Managing Conflict and Communication Issues
    • Communication within Multicultural Crews
    • Commercial Impact of the Technological Transition
    • Keeping Up with the Legal Framework and Regulations

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