• Public-Private Partnerships

    Dates:   2022 March 7




    Mastering PPP project analysis, financing, contracts & transaction management techniques

    We need new infrastructure. Roads, airports, schools, hospitals and housing: the list is enormous and growing. Yet severely limited budgets, economic uncertainty caused by volatile commodity prices, and deficits continue to prevent government at all levels from delivering the kinds of structural change that has always been needed. In response, some countries have developed successful PPP programmes. Merely grasping the concepts of PPP does not do justice to our great responsibility of having an ownership in the country’s future. We already know what we need to do, now is the time to really discover HOW.

    Course Highlights

    1. PPP policies, strategies, laws & units for implementing successful PPP transactions
    2. Identifying & selecting appropriate projects for PPPs
    3. Models for analyzing PPP projects
    4. Managing & completing PPP feasibility studies
    5. Financing techniques for PPP to ensure long-term PPP bankability and affordability
    6. Managing and overseeing PPP procurements & achieving transaction closure
    7. PPP stakeholder management & sustainability techniques
    8. Managing long-term PPP contracts for ensuring service delivery, price regulation, and dispute resolution

    Benefits of Attending

    • Use best practices from international case studies of successful PPP transactions and common practical pitfalls to avoid
    • Design and manage PPP legal, regulatory & institutional frameworks to attract investors and complete PPP transactions
    • Apply models for the efficient design and completion of PPP feasibility studies
    • Understand project financing requirements and evaluate PPP financial models for both affordability and bankability
    • Evaluate and apply different credit enhancement techniques to ensure PPP bankability, including blended financing, viability gap funding (VGF), partial guarantees, risk insurance products, output-based aid (OBA) and other financial instruments
    • Design PPP transaction implementation plans and manage & oversee PPP transaction advisors for reaching commercial closure and financial closure
    • Models for PPP tender documents, including PPP Project Information Memoranda (“InfoMemos”), Requests for Qualifications (RFQs), Requests for Proposals (RFPs)
    • International models for designing and drafting PPP contracts & agreements
    • Environmental & social impact mitigation techniques to structure sustainable private investments in public infrastructure
    • Plans for managing sustainable PPP contracts including ensuring technical performance, quality of service delivery, price review & adjustment regulatory models, legal contract management and alternative dispute resolution (ADR) techniques

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