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  • Oil & Gas Digital Twin Conference 2023

    Dates:   2023 June 1 - 2023 June 2

    Digital Twin ConferenceOil & Gas Digital Twin Conference 2023 organized by ptn events, a global business event and consulting firm of commercial and knowledge-based top-level conferences, creates opportunities to boost profitability and strategies to maximize efficiencies in oil and gas production.

    An exclusive virtual event consisting of top-level content and thought leadership discussions exploring the digital twin ecosystem.

    DTWIN2023 Program Key Topics

    • A strategic roadmap for E&P’s to assess every operation for improving efficiency by Digital Twin innovation
    • Emerging Cognitive Computing, Machine Learning & AI into the oil and gas and its impact and performance
    • Best practices and case studies of Digital Twinning to business objectives and technology alignment
    • Why is it time to invest in digitalization – Digital Twins driving Industry 4.0?
    • Leveraging digitalization, predictive and optimize maintenance processes through affordable and effective real-time application
    • Opportunities and Challenges in – Revolutionizing product development & maintenance

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