• 11th Arctic Shipping Summit

    Dates:   2017 November 29 - 2017 November 30

    ACI’s 11th Arctic Shipping Summit will gather leading experts and stakeholders from across the sector of to discuss the development of viable and profitable business ventures in the Arctic whilst overcoming the challenges posed by regulations, environmental considerations,  logistical complexity and the need for reliable data and communications, skilled and well-trained crews and safe procedures.

    Key topics:

    • Advancements in Arctic Regulation
    • Increasing Efficiency and Profitability through Improved Logistics at High Latitudes
    • Building a More Accurate Picture of the Arctic Environment and Climate
    • Creating Commercial Opportunities in the Arctic’s Future
    • Insuring Against Risk in Polar Waters
    • The Promising Sector of Arctic Cruises
    • Complying with Regulations to Protect the Arctic Environment and Ensure Sustainability
    • Navigating a Shifting Geopolitical Landscape
    • Safe Navigation and Reliable Communication at the Top of the World
    • Cultivating Key Competencies through Effective Hiring & Training
    • Developing Effective Support Infrastructure

    Who will attend:

    The ACI’s seminars attract a targeted group of senior level executives with a strict focus on end-users from the industry.

    The delegates will be drawn from Ship Operators, Ship Owners, Ship Managers, Coastguard and Transport authorities, Shipbuilders and Shipyards, Designers, Repairing companies, Vendors and Subcontractors, Energy and Mining companies, Naval Architects and Engineers, Ice Forecasters and Meteorologists, Ice Management Specialists, Consultants, Researchers, Brokers, Financiers and & Investors.

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