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  • 22nd HR & Crew Management Conference

    Dates:   2018 May 16 - 2018 May 17

    ACI’s 22nd HR & Crew Management Conference will be taking place 16-17 May, 2018 in Singapore.

    The two day conference will focus on how HR & Crew management within a shipping company can improve strategy in order to strengthen existing and future crew. In today’s world, maintaining profitability and adjusting to regulations can prove difficult. Join us in Singapore to hear how your peers are meeting the challenge including innovative training and competence development, developing company culture of excellent communications and safety, as well as subjects of Untapped human resource of women and youth, talent management and succession planning, rewards and recognition. You can expect open discussions and interactive sessions giving you a chance to voice your opinion and hear from thought leaders.

    Focus will be split between how a shipping company can sought to improve strategy, in order to strengthen both current and future crewing staff. In the modern age, maintaining profitability and adjusting to regulations can prove difficult. The summit will also sought to highlight methods to cultivate a leadership mentality to instil confidence into crewing staff, how advancing technology can improve the seafarer understanding during training process and The importance and establishment of loyalty between the seafarer and the vessel operator. Addressing skills shortage by looking at the untapped resource of women and youth.

    ACI’s summits attract a targeted group of senior level executives with a strict focus on end-users from the industry.

    Our delegates will be drawn from the Ship Operators including VP’s, Directors and Mangers of: HR, Crew & Personnel, Manning and Training. Also present will be the relevant authorities involved in the development and training of crew.

    Key topics:

    • Effective recruitment Strategies
    • Addressing skills shortage
    • Improving Crew Competency and Crew attitude
    • Developing and promoting seafarer wellbeing
    • Recruitment technology overview
    • Crew training and competency development
    • Segment specific training and certification
    • Leadership development and managing cultural differences
    • Women & youth– The untapped Human resources

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