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  • 1 июля 2016 13:57

    Техническая готовность ледокола «Виктор Черномырдин» составляет порядка 39,2% - Росморречфлот

    Техническая готовность ледокола «Виктор Черномырдин» (ЛК-25) составляет порядка 39,2%. Об этом говорится в материалах Росморречфлота, подготовленных к совместному заседанию Коллегии Федерального агентства морского и речного транспорта (Росморречфлот) и Общественного совета при Росморречфлоте.

    Спуск на воду корпуса ледокола для дальнейшей достройки на плаву запланирован на октябрь 2016 года. Планируемый срок сдачи ЛК-25 - конец 2017 года.

    Ледокол проекта 22600 мощностью 25 МВт - дизель-электрический ледокол с широким набором функциональных возможностей. Он запланирован к постройке в рамках программы обновления государственного ледокольного флота. Закладка ледокола, получившего название «Виктор Черномырдин», состоялась 10 октября 2012 года в Санкт-Петербурге.

    Планируется использовать ледокол для проводки судов в ледовых условиях, в качестве вспомогательного ледокола в составе сложных караванов на трассе Северного морского пути, а также для самостоятельной проводки судов на мелководных арктических участках и в устьях рек, для обеспечения выгрузки грузов на припай льда, буксировки судов и других плавучих сооружений во льдах и на чистой воде, оказания помощи судам и выполнения аварийно-спасательных работ в ледовых условиях и на чистой воде, для совершения экспедиционных рейсов, выполнения функций пожарного судна при тушении пожаров на судах, буровых и нефтедобывающих платформах.

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    Суд рассмотрит иск к ОСК о затягивании сроков строительства ледокола «Виктор Черномырдин» 28 июля 2016 года

    Ледокол ЛК-25 «Виктор Черномырдин» планируется сдать в конце 2017 – начале 2018 года – Алексей Рахманов >>>> 

2021 October 20

18:51 Intellian and Inmarsat launch industry’s newest FleetBroadband terminals
18:31 Oceangate’s 2021 titanic survey expedition connected by Inmarsat satellite communications
18:11 P&O Ferries launches comprehensive Customs Clearance Service
17:46 Kongsberg launches new Kognifai Marketplace
17:06 Rolls-Royce plans to partner the Indian Navy for its ‘Fleet of the Future’
16:35 MAN Energy Solutions signs MoU with Mitsui E&S and Mitsui O.S.K.
16:23 “K” LINE successfully separates and captures CO2 from exhaust gas in world’s first CO2 capture plant on vessel
16:02 Seanergy Maritime announces acquisition of its 17th Capesize vessel
15:44 Rates for container transportation expected to decrease in 2022
15:25 ENI and Fincantieri sign an agreement for initiatives to support the energy transition
15:02 Wärtsilä and Solvang to collaborate on retrofitting carbon capture and storage system on Clipper Eos
14:20 Port of Rotterdam appoints Allard Castelein for a third term
13:52 Kawasaki Heavy Industries announces delivery of bulk carrier BBG GUILIN
13:20 Port of Oakland sees no backlog on docks, calls for cargo
12:52 Japanese company Kubota chooses port of Rotterdam for Northern European distribution
12:39 Crowley participates in Saildrone Inc’s $100M Series C round to advance ocean intelligence products
12:02 Global Ports terminal In Helsinki increases number of container services
11:54 Port Houston container volumes up 11% to 281,500 TEUs in September 2021
11:40 Sibanthracite Group acknowledged as best supplier of coal to China for second consecutive year
11:16 MPA and DMU signed MoU to drive talent and academic exchange in the maritime sector
10:51 Mitsubishi Shipbuilding successfully separates and captures CO2 from exhaust gas in world’s first marine-based CO2 capture system project
10:28 Modernization of border checkpoint completed in Kavkaz seaport
10:06 RF President gives instructions on permanent environmental monitoring in areas of handling dry bulk cargo and cargo emitting dust
09:45 MABUX: No firm price trend on Bunker market on Oct 20
09:35 Crude oil prices decrease on US reserves growth
09:19 Baltic Dry Index as of October 19

2021 October 19

18:24 Ocean Yield ASA sells two LR2 tankers
17:44 Klaveness Combination Carriers sells a 21-years old CABU vessel
17:22 Oboronlogistics delivers cargo for the construction of a cultural cluster in Kaliningrad
16:58 North Sea Port, Zeeland Regional Safety Board and Central Fire Response Zone join forces for cross-border incident response in the port area
16:35 European shipowners support the uptake of clean fuels but fear FuelEU may become missed opportunity due to enforcement loopholes - ECSA
16:20 9M’2020 throughput of Taganrog Sea Commercial Port grew by 6% Y-o-Y
16:05 Fuelling the Industry: LNG as a fuel and its infrastructure at the 8th International Congress
16:04 Empire Offshore Wind selects Vestas as its preferred supplier for wind turbine generators for Empire Wind I and Empire Wind II
15:41 The decarbonization strategy likely is now the best business strategy for shipowners - ABS
15:13 Bollinger celebrates commissioning of 45th Fast Response Cutter USCGC Emlen Tunnel
14:51 RF Government and Rosatom instructed to organize regular transportation of transit cargo by NSR
14:30 Port of Rotterdam throughput rises substantially again in Q3 2021
14:03 Valenciaport throughput up 8.33% to 63.46 mln tonnes in Jan-Sept 2021
14:02 Ice restrictions in Port of Sabetta basin to be effective as of Oct 25
13:39 TGE Marine announces the successful gas trail of LNG bunker vessel ´Dmitry Mendeleev´
13:08 Port of Antwerp throughput up by 4.8% to 179.1% mln tonnes in Jan-Sept 2021
12:54 Cargo traffic via Khabarovsk Territory ports rose by 3% in 9M’21
12:33 Vitol’s V-Bunkers receives green ship awards from Maritime Port Authority of Singapore
12:15 The Methanol Institute welcomes the European Union’s package of proposals Fit for 55
11:36 Volga Shipping announces completion of three tankers conversion project
10:46 MABUX: Bunker prices may demonstrate multidirectional changes on Oct 19
10:11 Russian Gas Society supports 5th LNG Fleet, LNG Bunkering and Alternatives conference
10:09 Berenberg expands debt fund portfolio with two new multi-investor funds
09:46 Baltic Dry Index as of October 18
09:25 Crude oil prices rise on crisis anticipation
09:13 Roxtec selects Sustainable Marine Fuels

2021 October 18

18:07 OneOcean Group brings voyage optimisation solutions to Marlink Partner Programme
17:53 NOVATEK held its first Arctic LNG Projects Shipowners Conference
17:49 MOL tabletop drill prepares for serious marine accident
17:29 Over 40 ships and boats of RF Navy's Black Sea Fleet took part in large-scale exercise at Opuk training ground in Crimea
16:52 Icebreaker Kapitan Khlebnikov to help deliver new components for the Vostok Station in the Antarctic
16:16 Throughput of Russian seaports in 9M’2021 climbed by 1.7% (detalization)
15:48 Four industry focused educational institutions to take part in 5th LNG Fleet, LNG Bunkering and Alternatives conference
15:25 Baltiysky Zavod shipyard casts forth one-piece propeller for Project MR-50 product tanker