• 2021 June 9 16:30

    Professional Development Programmes Institute of Admiral Makarov University participates in the work of IMO’s Facilitation Committee

    The 45th Session of the Facilitation Committee (FAL 45) took place in London at the Headquarters of the International Maritime Organization.

    Director of Professional Development Programmes Institute of Admiral Makarov State University of Maritime and Inland Shipping Sergey Aysinov participated in the event as a part of the delegation of the International Transport Workers’ Federation.

    Over the past years, IMO has put significant effort into the development of common and harmonized data definitions and data models to ease the exchange of digital information between ship and shore.

    Early in 2019, FAL 43 approved a revised and updated Compendium on Facilitation and Electronic Business to support harmonization and standardization of electronic messages, supporting the need to define all elements of the electronic FAL forms across WCO, UN/CEFACT and ISO standard protocols. A central element in the new Compendium is the establishment of the IMO Data Set, that provides the core mechanism for ensuring interoperability between the standards developed by the participating organizations for their individual group of stakeholders.

    The type and amount of information to be exchanged to get ship clearance before entry to port depend on trade and port business processes, compliancy with IMO regulations, contractual obligations and authorities such as customs, health and immigration authorities. The IMO Data Set makes it possible to ensure that when a ship or its agent sends information to one authority or party, the information can be (re)used by other authorized parties, without having to (re)submit the same information many times.

    However, not all levels of the digital port clearance process are fully developed and fit-for-purpose. For this reason, the co-sponsors and other maritime NGOs invite public and private actors to help co-create additional global digital standards for the exchange of administrative, operational and nautical data.

    Shipping is a global industry and therefore these solutions require global digital standard, which has the commitment of both shipping and ports. The collective efforts will improve the general quality and availability of data, which must be robust enough to avoid incompatibility between standards and systems, across countries worldwide, as well as ensure a long-term commitment to the maintenance of such standards.

    It is essential that any new standard conforms to the IMO Data Set where data elements already exist and contributes to the extension of the IMO Data Set should new data elements be required. This will help reduce the need to resubmit the same information many times.

    By standardizing data exchange processes to make them compatible and interoperable, ports actors will benefit from granular and real-time information on scheduled port calls from the shipping sector. Ships will be able to communicate more easily using smart solutions, like an Application Programming Interface (API) – a software solution where two computers can «speak» to each other. Ship and port can then exchange amongst others shipping schedules, cargo information, and possible delays or cancellations.

    In the document’s annex is an invitation for key maritime actors in both public and private sectors to co-create a single and neutral supporting technical standard for administrative and operational data under the auspices of ISO Technical Committee 8. The aim is for the ISO Committee to continue the work on the alignment of ISO 28005 on exchange of electronic information between ships and shore, to the IMO Compendium.

2021 July 29

18:26 GTT appoints its new Chief Financial Officer
18:06 PGNiG terminates Port Arthur LNG agreement
17:54 FESCO, RZD Logistics and Nurminen Logistics launch regular intermodal service from Asia-Pacific countries to Finland via CPV
17:36 PGNiG Group expands its fleet of gas tankers
17:16 The Hebridean Princess returns to ABP’s Port of Cardiff
16:58 Okskaya Shipyard to build five tugboats of Project NE025 for Marine Rescue Service
16:42 Ever Given arrives to the port of Rotterdam
16:34 PGNiG to purchase more LNG from Venture Global LNG
16:17 Kalmar to deliver 12 straddle carriers to long-term partner Medcenter Container Terminal in Italy
15:56 New BIMCO/ICS Seafarer Workforce Report warns of serious potential officer shortage
15:11 Railway traffic launched through the second Baikal tunnel
14:48 Rosmorport's Petropavlovsk Branch takes part in exercises on maritime search and rescue of people
13:59 The Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore forms Global Centre for Maritime Decarbonisation
13:15 Hydrographic Company to hold auction for construction of Arc7 hydrographic ship
12:37 Baltiysk ferry meets ISM Code requirements
12:13 Sembcorp Marine bags 24 Workplace Safety and Health Awards
11:46 Ongoing travel restrictions continue to impact Tallink Grupp financial results in Q2 2021
11:08 MARAD awards vessel acquisition management contract to Crowley
10:43 Rosmorport’s tugboats assisted sailing boat Pallada mooring in Egvekinot and Provideniya ports
10:08 Thun Tankers announces the launching of product tanker Thun Empower
10:00 British Ports Association welcomes the resumption of international cruise in England
09:35 Baltic Dry Index as of July 28
09:18 SCHOTTEL to deliver a total of ten rudder propellers and two transverse thrusters to Sanmar Shipyards
09:09 Crude oil prices rise on reduction of US reserves
08:00 Verifavia shipping highlights widespread confusion over EEXI technical parameters
07:55 Drewry launches shipmanager Steering Group to power vessel opex benchmarking

2021 July 28

18:20 NOVATEK announces consolidated IFRS results for Q2 and H1 of 2021
18:01 New BIMCO/ICS Seafarer Workforce Report warns of serious potential officer shortage
17:09 PSA & ONE team up to enhance sustainability and reduce maritime environmental footprint
16:28 ECSA and ETF welcome WHO decision to prioritise seafarers’ vaccination
16:03 Rosmorrechflot supports the International Conference “Development of Icebreaking and Support Fleet”
15:42 ERMA FIRST adds world’s smallest ballast water treatment system to product range
15:18 DCT Gdańsk and the Port of Gdańsk enter a new era of container handling on the Baltic Sea
14:51 Oleg Shakhmardanov appointed as head of FSBI Moscow Canal
14:10 MAN wins the world-first order for methanol engine within container segment
13:56 Amursky Shipyard should enter the APR markets – Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin
13:14 Norcod finalizes transfer of 2.4 million fish into sea phase
12:55 Captain Guryev, rescue vessel of RF Navy's Black Sea Fleet passed the Suez Canal
12:32 Onezhsky Shipyard to get first federal tranche of RUB 1.3 billion for creation of ‘digital shipyard’ this year
12:13 DNV backs crew change programme in South East Asia
11:10 Firth of Forth proposed as Scotland’s Green Port
10:38 The Port of Gdansk welcoms the first cruise ship of the season
10:10 Andrey Severilov re-elected Chairman of the Board of Directors of FESCO
10:03 Haldor Topsoe and Yanchang form joint venture and build methanol catalyst facility in China
09:47 FESCO held repeated Annual General Meeting of Shareholders
09:28 Crude oil prices rise on reduction of US reserves
09:12 Baltic Dry Index as of July 28
09:05 Neal elected Long Beach Harbor Commission President
08:59 Seanergy announces delivery of one Capesize vessel and new bank loan facility

2021 July 27

18:34 Port of Kaohsiung wins International Association of Ports and Harbors (IAPH) 2021 Award
18:16 Port Houston launches business equity program
17:56 The UK’s most eastern port welcomes the maiden call of Noble Caledonia’s flagship vessel
17:36 ONE offers free transportation of oxygen tanks to India to fight the COVID-19
17:06 Pilbara Ports Authority launches its annual Recreational Vessel Safety Campaign
16:42 Carbon Trust to support BEIS in development and demonstration of innovative floating offshore wind technologies for the UK
16:14 Cargo Integrity Group calls for risk-based measures to prevent pest contamination
16:03 Passengers travelling via the Port of Helsinki should prepare for occasional congestion
15:33 APM Terminals Mobile targets Midwest supply chains
15:02 MOL jointly develops new energy-saving sail to boost ship propulsion
14:42 ICTSI South Pacific starts bulk coffee operations