2014 February 14 13:46

Corvette Stoiky has practiced cooperation with Baltic Fleet air arm (photo)

During the second phase of sea trials the crew of corvette Stoiky practiced the cooperation with the crews of antisubmarine helicopters Ka-27 and tactical bombers Su-24 of the Baltic Fleet air arm, informs the press center of RF Defence Ministry.

Upon completion of the sea trials and state tests (by the end of the second quarter of 2014) the corvette will join the Baltic Fleet of the Russian Federation.

The 20380 Project corvette was designed by the Almaz Central Marine Design Bureau. The multipurpose Steregushchy class corvette of 20380 project is intended for littoral zone operations, engagement of enemy submarines and surface ships, and gun support of landing operations. Stealth technology was widely used during construction of the ships, as well as 21 patents and 14 new computer programs. Newest physical field reduction solutions were applied too. As a result, designers considerably reduced the ship's radar signature thanks to hull architecture and fire-resistant radar-absorbent fiberglasses applied in tophamper's design.