2014 March 27 09:51

A hungry gray seal pup found in Port of Bronka, now under construction (photo release)

On March 26, workers, building the multipurpose marine cargo handling complex (MMPK) "Bronka" based in Big Port St. Petersburg, found an exhausted gray seal pup near the port's reclamation ground, HC "Forum", implementing the complex project said.

The animal has been delivered to the Leningrad region based Rehabilitation Centre for marine mammals, after specialists gave the pup a once-over.

Very likely, the mother did not have time to feed her pup as it drifted away on a small ice floe into the Gulf of Finland. The whitecoat was found extremely exhausted weighing only 15 kg, which is 70% below the normal level at this age.

The marine multifunctional complex Bronka (MMPK Bronka) will comprise three specialized facilities: a container terminal encompassing 107 hectares, Ro-Ro terminal of 57 ha and logistics center of 42 ha.  Container terminal will feature the 1.175 m-long  waterfront (including 5 berths). The length of quay wall of the rolling cargo terminal will be 630 meters (3 berths).

Commissioning of the facility is scheduled for September 2015.

The Bronka Phase 1 capacity is projected at 1.45 million TEUs and 260,000 units of Ro-Ro cargoes. The facility’s container throughput is planned to be increased to 1.9 million TEUs. The Bronka Multipurpose Complex will be able to handle Panamax containerships and the ferries of Finnstar class. The first ship call is expected in 2014.

Private investors are expected to inject nearly RUB 43.7 billion in the project with the Russian Government investment at some RUB 15.2 billion.
The Bronka project will help create over 2,300 new jobs. Upon completion of the outer harbor facilities annual direct tax payments to the budget of St. Petersburg will be at RUB 1.7 billion (plus indirect tax – RUB 5.1 bn), the federal budget will get RUB 2.0 billion a year (RUB 5.9bn).

A fully-owned subsidiary of JSC Holding Company "Forum" Phoenix Ltd. was founded in 2007 specifically for the construction of Bronka multifunctional marine cargo handling complex to be located in the new Cargo Area of the Big Port St. Petersburg. The project is supported by the Russian Ministry of Transport and the St. Petersburg City Administration.

Port of St. Petersburg is located on the islands of the delta of the Neva river, in the Neva Bay, the eastern tip of the Gulf of Finland. The Big Port St. Petersburg territory includes the Neva River delta and the Neva Bay, Kronstadt and dam structures protecting the city from floods. A fleet of icebreakers provide icebreaking assistance to merchant ships during winter navigation. There are 30 stevedore companies operating at the port.