2014 April 30 14:42

Tall ship Christian Radich returns to A&P Tees for dry docking

A&P Tees, part of the A&P Group once again welcome the Christian Radich. The three masted, 72 x 10m vessel arrived on the 14th of April and plans to stay for 30 days, the Company said Tuesday in a press release.

The scope of work includes cleaning and painting, removal of bow spirit for repairs, tank steel repairs/renewals including riveting, replacement of water tank, conversion of forepeak tank to black water tank, renewal of funnel exhaust pipes and replacement galley flooring. Having also worked on the ‘Tall Ship’ in 2011, it certainly is a change of vessel type to be working on at the Tees site from generally dealing with dredgers, gas carriers and cargo vessels.

A&P Group operate seven dry docks across three strategic locations in the UK. All facilities combine a rich heritage of marine engineering skills and experience, providing ship owners and energy companies with all the precision skills needed to complete the most demanding projects.