2015 February 25 12:59

Cruise ship Adriana starts operating at Yalta-Istanbul-Yalta line from April 2015

Cruise ship Adriana to start operating at Yalta-Istanbul-Yalta line from April 2015, says Crimea’s Ministry of Resorts and Tourism. The timetable is available but alterations are possible.
According to preliminary information, the cruise ship will leave Yalta every Saturday at 21:00, arrive in Istanbul on Monday at 8:00. In three days, at 12:00 on Thursday, the ship will set off for Crimea. The arrival at Yalta port is scheduled for Fridays, 18:00.
“Together with the tour operators of Crimea we are ready to develop special tours for Turkish tourists depending on the Adriana timetable,” Deputy Minister of Tourism Olga Burova said. She emphasized the interest of the Ministry in arrangement of transport links between Turkey and Crimea.

M/V Adriana was built in 1972. Since then she underwent three renovations. The ship can accommodate up to 300 passengers and 100 crewmembers. In 2013, the liner was chartered by Black & Baltic Seas cruise (Saint-Petersburg) for cruise ‘Six holiday capitals of the Black Sea’.