2015 March 20 16:48

Port of Gdansk throughput up 4.4% to 5.2 mln t in Jan-Feb’15

In January-February 2015, Port of Gdansk (Poland) handled 5,225,947t of cargo (+4.4%, year-on-year), the stevedoring company says.

Transshipment of grain climbed by 17.9% to 309,805 t, general cargo and timber – down 5.6% to 1,778,293 t, other bulk cargo (aggregates, sulphur, ore) – down 21.8% to 453,579 t, coal transshipment surged by 56.5% to 490,439 t, transshipment of liquid fuel – up 11.7% to 2,193,831 t. 

The port of Gdansk is a major international transportation hub situated in the central part of the southern Baltic coast. Besides handling bulk cargoes (oil, coal, metal ores) the port provides a number of line services linking it with the ports of the Baltic Sea and Western Europe (primarily ferry, construction and ro-ro lines). In 2014, the port handled 32,277,558 t of cargo.