2015 April 15 12:37

Working dredgers at new Suez Canal project accomplish dredging of 138 million cubic meter of sand

Sources at Suez Canal Authority said that working dredgers at new Suez Canal project have accomplished dredging of 138 million cubic meter of sand saturated with water in new Suez Canal project with a percentage of 56% of targeted 250million cubic meter, sources has pointed out in statements to “ ElYoum 7” paper that the navigational channel of the new Canal is of length 35Km, depth 24m, width 320m and draft 66feet, whereas current western branches have been deepened and extended with a total 37km : including ElBallah western branch with 10km, thus reaching a total length of the canal 72 km where the target is lifting 250million cubic meter dredge under water level with a cost of 15 milliard pound, Maritime Transport Sector said in its press release.

Also dry dredging works have been executed with an amount of about 258 million cubic meters worth of 4 milliard pound. Sources also added that vice admiral Mameesh, head of the authority will return from abroad within a few days after a tour in Emirates and Netherland and will meet with his deputy Osama ElGendy. On the other side executive manager of dredging works, Wagdi Zaki announced that average daily dredging has reached 589 million thousand cubic meter with a total 37 dredger in the navigational channel, 22 dredger affiliated to” Emirates Belgium Netherland “ league have succeeded in lifting 95 million cubic meter whereas 10 dredgers belonging to “ Belgium American “ league working in the Canal’s western branch , lakes region , have succeeded in lifting 32 million cubic meter and finally 5 others affiliated to Suez Canal authority working at ElBalllah branch succeeded in lifting 8 million cubic meter of sand saturated with water.