2015 August 11 09:59

Transport group of state commission for Arctic development issues confirms national status of MTH project

The first meeting of the working group “Transport System Development” within the state commission for Arctic development issues held in Salekhard on August 7, 2015, confirmed the national status of the project on Comprehensive Development of Murmansk Transport Hub, press center of Murmansk Regional Government cites Deputy Governor Grigory Stratiy, member of the working group, as saying at the briefing with Marina Kovtun, Governor of the Murmansk Region.

Grigory Stratiy provided the working group with the up-to-date information on the following projects in the region: creation of infrastructure to support Rosneft’s offshore projects, establishment of the center for construction of superlarge marine facilities initiated by NOVATEK and Comprehensive Development of Murmansk Transport Hub.

To ensure the expected railway traffic to the Murmansk Transport Hub, expansion of long-distance approaches is required. At the meeting in Salekhard, management of Russian Railways confirmed it intention to implement those works in 2017-2018 within the framework of the Company’s investment programme. 

Murmansk Region Governor Marina Kovtun emphasized the significance of representing the regional interests at the federal level.

Apart from Grigory Stratiy, the Murmansk Region is represented in the working group by Sergey Leus, Director of Gazflot’s Murmansk Branch; Aleksandr Medvedev, Director General Murmansk Shipping Company; Igor Chernyshenko, member of the Federation Council.