2015 November 9 11:35

Tug supply vessel Aleksandr Pushkin of the Baltic Fleet returned to Baltiysk from the Arctic

Tug supply vessel (TSV) of the Baltic Fleet Aleksandr Pushkin back home to the main base of the Fleet – Baltiysk – after a successful performing the tasks for her cruise to the Arctic, says press center of RF Defence Ministry.

TSV ‘Alexander Pushkin’ being a part of the surface combatant squadron of warships and support ships of the Northern Fleet took part in addressing the challenges of safety, development and improvement of the Northern Sea Route and the adjacent Arctic zone in the Arctic Ocean.

During the distant Arctic cruise the vessel’s crew performed various hydraulic and environmental works, tasks on cargo delivery, and clearing-and-marking the fairway along the Northern Sea Route.

Tug suppley vessel Aleksandr Pushkin left Baltiysk on 21July this year. During this time it has been passed more than 8 thousand nautical miles, made transitions through the Baltic, Northern, Norwegian, Barents, Kara Seas and the Laptev Sea.