2016 March 5 12:05

DEME & CFE nominated as preferred bidders for Fehmarnbelt tunnel project

Femern A/S, a subsidiary of the Danish state-owned Sund & Baelt Holding A/S, has announced today its intention to award three out of four contracts for the Fehmarnbelt Fixed Link project to the Femern Link Contractors (FLC). This international consortium includes the following contractors and subcontractors: VINCI Construction Grands Projets, Per Aarsleff, BAM Infra, Wayss & Freytag Ingenieursbau, Max Bögl Stiftung & Co., Solétance-Bachy International, CFE, Dredging International (DEME Group) and consultant COWI. The Fehmarnbelt Fixed Link project will be the world’s longest immersed road and rail tunnel (18km) connecting Denmark with Germany.
The three contracts for which the consortium has been named as preferred bidder, are the two contracts for the immersed tunnel itself and the contract for the portals and ramps for connection to the existing motorways and railways further inland.
The preferred bidders will now enter into discussions with Femern A/S with the aim of entering into conditional contracts no later than mid-May 2016.
About DEME
The Belgian dredging, environmental and marine engineering group DEME is an international market leader for complex marine engineering works.
Driven by several worldwide challenges (rising sea level - the scarcity of raw materials - the growing need for energy - reducing CO2 emissions - the contamination of our waterways and soils), DEME has transformed from solely a dredging and land reclamation company to a worldwide operating multidisciplinary and innovative marine engineering and environmental group.
Building on 170 years of experience and know-how, DEME has organically moved into several related activities, such as the financing of marine engineering and environmental projects, executing EPC related complex marine engineering projects including civil engineering works, the development and construction of renewable energy projects, providing services for the oil, gas and energy sector, the decontaminating and recycling of polluted soils and sludge, the mining of marine resources (granulates and minerals), etc.
Thanks to an integrated company structure, DEME strongly emerges as a global solutions provider, which offers its clients overall solutions. DEME has the most modern, high-tech and versatile fleet.
DEME was named 'Belgian Enterprise of the Year 2015' and has 4,600 employees worldwide. In 2014, the Group achieved a turnover of 2.6 billion euros.