2016 April 11 18:32

Latvian Maritime Academy launches high voltage simulator with support of “Latvian Shipping Company”

On Friday, April 8, a high voltage simulator was launched at the Latvian Maritime Academy with the financial support of “Latvian Shipping Company”.

Students will be able to acquire the necessary practical knowledge for work with high voltage equipment on ships.

“This is an important day both for the academy and for “Latvian Shipping Company”, as the growth of maritime studies in Latvia is important to us. By adding new equipment to the available devices at the academy, we are helping to develop theoretical knowledge into practical skills,” emphasized Ilze Berzina, Administrative Director of “LSC Shipmanagement”.

In order to become a certified specialist, ship engineers and ship electricians are required to acquire skills in maintenance of high voltage devices. The simulator will be especially useful for engineering specialty students and for participants of qualification maintenance courses.

This is already the second gift of “Latvian Shipping Company” to the Latvian Maritime Academy within the last year. In October last year, the Latvian Maritime Academy opened a Navigation studies laboratory within framework of the international project “EfficienSea 2”, in which students can acquire skills for work on a ship’s navigation bridge in work circumstances that are as close to reality as possible.