2016 June 6 15:26

Deliveries of export oil products to RPK-Vysotsk-LUKOIL-II fell by 8% to 4.34 mln t in 5M’16

In January-May 2016, RPK-Vysotsk-LUKOIL-II (Leningrad region) accepted over 4.72 mln t of oil products destined for further export transshipment via the terminal.

According to the terminal statistics, the railway delivered 3.96 mln t of oil products including 1.24 mln t of diesel fuel, 829,500 t of naphtha and 1.89 mln t of heavy fuel oil.

Besides, 388,230 t of diesel fuel was delivered by pipelines and 5,100 t of oil products – by river transport.

Marine export terminal RPK-Vysotsk-Lukoil-II OJSC is owned by Russia’s largest private oil company LUKOIL OJSC.