2016 September 27 18:00

Holland Container Innovations presents its 4FOLD foldable container

Today, September 27, Holland Container Innovations presented its 4FOLD foldable container during a live demonstration at the HCCR depot in Hamburg, Port of Hamburg says in a press release. Folding the container saves time and money and contributes to reducing CO2 throughout the entire logistics process. 
4FOLD significantly reduces the problem of empty container transports. The system is, in principle, a standard container that can easily be integrated into everyday logistics. The empty container can be folded to a quarter of its normal height. Four folded containers can be stacked and bundled and have exactly the same dimensions as a single standard container. This allows four folded containers to be handled and transported as if they were a single standard container, which delivers significant cost savings and reduces CO2 emissions.
Various shipping companies are already using 4FOLD. “4FOLD delivers efficiency by, among other things, reducing handling and storage costs by up to 75%”, says Simon Bosschieter, CEO Holland Container Innovations.