2016 October 10 14:34

Passenger Port of St. Petersburg welcomed 2 cruise ships last week

Between 3 - 9 of October Passenger Port of St. Petersburg received cruise ships AIDAmar and Magellan which brought 3 813  passengers. The total berth time of the ships is 3 ship-days, total amount of passenger operations – 9 826.

In the indicated period 7 helicopters have used the helipad of Passenger Port of Saint Petersburg for landing and take-off.

On October, 4th Passenger Port of St. Petersburg and St. Petersburg State budget institution of social services "Complex center of Vasileostrovsky district" conducted an introductory tour around the Port for the residents of Vasileostrovsky district.

On October, 6th “PP of SPb MF” PLC representatives participated in the round table  “The development of the Yachting Tourism in St. Petersburg” that was held in Maritime Center Vellamo in Kotka (Finland) with support of the Committee for tourism development of St. Petersburg and City of Kotka.

On October, 8th the Admiral Makarov State University of Maritime and Inland Shipping held matriculation of students of the Institute of international transport management at the Passenger port of St. Petersburg.

Passenger Port of Saint-Petersburg «Marine Façade» PLC is in the ownership of the city of St. Petersburg and is the largest passenger seaport in Russia. Construction of Marine Façade began in 2006. The port can accommodate cruise and ferry ships of up to 330 m long and with a draft of up to 8.8 m. The length and depth of new access channels - 10 km and 11 m, accordingly. The port operates seven piers. The quay-side length – 2,171.06 m.