2016 October 19 14:50

Baltic Customs uncovers illegal scheme used to export 12,000 t of bunker without payment of customs dues

Customs control measures undertaken by the Baltic Customs have uncovered a scheme used to take marine bunker fuel stated as stores outside the territory of the Eurasian Economic Union without payment of customs dues. According to the press center of the Baltic Customs, over 12,000 t of fuel was exported through the scheme.

According to the documents, the fuel was intended for supplying of Russian vessels involved in fishing outside the territory of the Russian Federation which lets them be released of export customs duties. However, the customs control measures revealed the sale of fuel outside Russia through shipment to a foreign port instead of delivery to the intended vessels. The Baltic Customs’ statement says the declaration of goods as “marine fuel” thus violates the requirements of the customs legislation. “Fuel” is considered as strategically important resources.

Following the findings, the company was charged with customs dues and penalty totally exceeding RUB 95 mln. Two criminal cases were initiated against the company head for an offence under Articles 226.1 and 194.2 of Criminal Code of the Russian Federation.

The statement of the Blatic Customs does not reveal the name of the company.