2017 February 13 13:46

KN signed long-term agreement with Neste Lietuva

KN, operator of oil products and liquefied natural gas terminals, says it has signed a long-term agreement on oil product loading with its long-established client Neste Lietuva, UAB.

The agreement stipulates that KN, a company which operates the biggest network of petrol stations in Lithuania, will import petrol and diesel fuel through Klaipėdos Nafta Terminal and will further load it to tankers. KN will also be provided with conditions to mix the required additives such as fuel dyes (markers), multifunctional and bio-additives in the terminal.

KN and Neste Lietuva, UAB, which represents the Finnish corporation Neste Oyj, have successfully cooperated for a few years; however, this is the first agreement between the parties signed for the period of three years with the possibility of extending it for 2 more years. 

“KN seeks to attract and retain clients for the long-term period in any type of activity because such cooperation gives stability and certainty and guarantees busyness of infrastructure and continuously generates income”, – Marius Pulkauninkas, KN’s Acting General Manager, noted.

At the beginning of this year, KN completed modernisation of vehicle fuelling yard. Now the company has the opportunity to fuel 4 tankers at a time with different oil products.

These advantages in the market enable the clients of KN to fuel tankers with 8 different types of products.