2017 June 1 13:29

Primorsk-Razvitije will build oil terminal at the port of Primorsk in the Leningrad Region (photo)

Aleksandr Drozdenko, Governor of the Leningrad Region, and Andrei Gormakh, Director General of Primorsk-Razvitije LLC, have signed an agreement to build an oil terminal at the port of Primorsk, IAA PortNews correspondent reports from the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF).
Andrei Gormakh explained: “By today, Primorsk-Razvitije has signed agreements, obtained specifications for transportation of 3.3 mln t by railways. Project works are underway and the construction site is being prepared.  We hope for obtaining of approval from GlavGosExpertiza to begin construction works this year. Thus implementation of the project will begin”.

According to Andrei Gormakh, the terminal is to be put into operation in 2020. Its capacity will be 3.3 mln t at the first phase and 12.77 mln t at the second phase. Implementation of the second phase is to begin in 2021-2022. The terminal will be used for exports of oil products, heavy fuel oil and petrochemicals (methanol group).

Investments into the first phase are estimated at RUB 12-13 bln. Total investments will exceed RUB 20 bln.

Aleksandr Drozdenko said the agreement is focused on economic development of Primorsk-Razvitije LLC and the Leningrad Region. 

“These are serous investments and a serious partner for the Region”, emphasized the Governor adding that the terminal will provide 300 jobs.

Seaport of Primorsk is located in the Leningrad Region, on the eastern coast of the Bjyerkezund Strait (Gulf of Finland of the Baltic Sea). With its unique deep canal and large water area the port is capable of accommodating  200,000 DWT vessels, almost the largest ones able to enter the Baltic Sea.