2017 June 28 11:55

Draft Strategy for Social and Economic Development of Khabarovsk Territory till 2030 approved by ad hoc authority

Public Council of the Khabarovsk Territory’s Ministry of Economic Development has considered and approved the Draft Strategy for Social and Economic Development of the Khabarovsk Territory till 2030, says the Ministry. Victor Kalashnikov, Deputy Chairman of the Territory Government – Minister of the Economic Development of the Territory, outlined principal provisions of the Draft Strategy, phases of its implementation, its goals and objectives.

According to Victor Kalashnikov, the Khabarovsk Territory is an advance post of the Russian Federation in the Asia-Pacific Region.

Previous Strategy covering the period up to 2025 was approved in 2009. Among the targets achieved between 2009 and 2016 is the growth of the gross regional product (105.4%), industrial production index (145%), tax revenues for the Territory budget almost doubled.

According to the Draft Strategy, Khabarovsk Territory is to become a central growth pole in the Far East of Russia. The key mission is to make the Far East of Russia more attractive for people and businesses and to raise it to the key position in cross-border flows.

The Strategy implementation is divided in three phases: 2018 - 2020, 2021 - 2025, 2026 – 2030.

Investments are considered a significant growth factor. One of the drivers of investment attractiveness is the creation of favorable business climate. According to Victor Kalashnikov, up to RUB 154.7 bln are to be added to the authorized capital of the Khabarovsk by 2020, about RUB 230 bln – by 2030. Besides, it necessary to pay special attention to competitiveness improvement. Free Port of Vladivostok is to play a special role. “Besides, it is necessary to base upon specialized industries providing the required effect in exports. That is one of the key growth drivers from 2025,” said the Minister.