2017 June 29 14:28

ClassNK releases latest version of container carrier structural design support software “PrimeShip-HULL for Container Carriers”

Leading classification society ClassNK has released its latest version of its structural design support software for container carriers “PrimeShip-HULL for Container Carriers.”

“PrimeShip-HULL for Container Carriers” consists of prescriptive calculation software and direct strength assessment software and offers improvements in the quality and efficiency of ship design. The main features of the latest version are as follows.

The prescriptive calculation software enables designers to perform assessments for structural strength requirements such as yield strength and fatigue strength assessments as specified in ClassNK’s Rules for the Survey and Construction of Steel Ships, in addition to longitudinal strength requirements specified in IACS Unified Requirements S11A (“Longitudinal Strength Standard for Container Ships”)

It also features a function to create a model of transverse members as well as longitudinal members, and a function to assess outside the cylindrical part of hull structure including the fore and aft part.

The direct strength assessment software has an additional function for the torsional strength assessment of the hull. To ensure the safety of container ships, ClassNK amended its rules of torsional strength based on latest research results in June 2017.

The updated software, in response to latest rules, enables designers to perform torsional strength assessments by superimposing stress components generated by working hull girder load on an FE model of an entire ship.