2017 July 5 16:53

HH Ferries Group opens new gangway

HH Ferries Group says it has put the new gangway in Helsingör into use.

The completion of the new gangway allows all pedestrians to experience the same high level of comfort with roofed and direct access from and to the terminal – regardless of their choice of ferry.

Simultaneously, the gangway ensures that pedestrians and cars no longer have to cross the same road at the harbour, which improves the comfort and travel experience for all customers groups.

The new gangway is 160 meters long and connects the terminal with the ferry berth used by the Mercandia ferries. With a height of 6 meters above ground level, the glass-covered gangway provides a stunning view of the harbour area and the castle of Kronborg.

The gangway is a significant component of HH Ferries Group’s on-going improvement of the infrastructure, which also includes the recently refurbished coastal line along the car waiting lines in Helsingör. The new gangway has been completed with no impact on daily operations and the time schedule on the Helsingborg-Helsingör route.