2017 August 2 14:13

Port Vysotsky LLC seven-month coal exports grow 16.6% to 3.51 million tonnes

Coal throughput of Port Vysotsky LLC in January-July 2017 rose 17.9% on the same period a year earlier to more than 4 million tonnes of thermal coal, the terminal operator said on Wednesday. ‎

In July Port Vysotsky LLC handled more than 566,000 tonnes of thermal coal exported from Russia. ‎

Port of Vysotsk is located in the Leningrad region of Russia. There are two stevedoring company operating at the port: Port Vysotsky LLC and RPK-Vysotsk-LUKOIL-II LLC. In May 2012, the Russian government decided to expand the Vysotsk port territory, including in its boundaries the land and adjacent waters occupied by facilities of a general cargo terminal under construction. The terminal capacity is projected to reach 3 million tonnes a year.

Port Vysotsky LLC specializes in handling Russian coal exported to Western Europe. Depth of the coal port’s basin and access channel is 12.7 meters width – 200 metres. In 2016, the company handled 6.14 million tonnes of cargo (+8.22%, Y/Y).