2017 September 29 16:57

SPAP and the Port of Gdansk security units take part in joint exercise session

On 26 September 2017, the Port security units, the Independent Counter-Terrorism Police Unit (SPAP) and the Polish Baltic Shipping Company personnel took part in a joint training session at the Westerplatte Ferry Terminal. According to the press release of PGA, the aim of the training was to check the cooperation procedures between the security services and external units in the case of a crisis situation occurring at the port.

The Port of Gdansk Security Guard (SOPG) and the Florian Port Fire Brigade (PSP), which provide security services within the premises administered by the Port of Gdansk Authority on a daily basis, took part in a training session together with specialist external units.

The exercises included various types of hazards that the units might face when working at the Port. The simulations carried out included: securing the port building, negotiations with terrorists, rescuing hostages, and the neutralisation of an unknown package found on the Port's premises. Thanks to the training, the participating units were able improve the coordination of joint operations in the case of an actual intervention.

In accordance with the act on the protection of maritime traffic and seaports, the Port of Gdansk Authority is required to hold exercise of this type once a year.