2017 October 18 08:45

Orlaco introduces the most sturdy HD IP cameras for vessels and cranes

Orlaco’s new HD IP cameras reach the highest achievable level of protection: IP69K, the company said in its press release. That makes them exceptionally suitable for heavy duty machinery and extreme weather circumstances, such as on vessels, quays, oilrigs and construction cranes. The HD IP zoom cameras feature excellent image quality and offer more peripheral options. The network cameras are also easy to integrate and control. Orlaco wants to make high quality surveillance more available to maritime applications with these new HD IP cameras.
Besides Orlaco’s existing analog cameras, Orlaco has now developed HD IP cameras. With this expansion, the manufacturer responds to current market trends in the maritime industry, such as the rising popularity of network technologies and the need for high resolution cameras and larger monitors. Orlaco’s new network cameras support TCP/IP and enable the streaming of high resolution video images via digital networks. As desired by shipping companies and owners, the cameras can also be connected to larger screens, which is not possible with analog cameras.
Technical performances
There are two options; a fixed camera with only a zoom function (type AFZ) or cameras that can also turn (pan) and tilt besides zoom (type PTZ). Both types are available in an aluminium and stainless steel version. The sturdy housing effectively protects against water and chemicals (IP69K). The cameras are by default set to 1280 x 720 pixels at 60 fps, full HD (1920 x 1080 pixels at 30 fps) is adjustable. The light sensitive camera is equipped with a hinged infrared filter that guarantees the operator or driver optimal vision in dark circumstances. Orlaco’s HD IP-cameras have an operating temperature from -40 ºC up to +60 ºC (-40 ºF and +140 ºF).

Investing in Orlaco’s HD IP cameras is sustainable in several ways. The HD IP cameras can be connected to the network at any location and monitors have access to all camera images via a single network cable (no longer a separate coax cable for every camera). Assembly, configuration and expansion/adjustment are relatively easy and save assemblers and manufactures time. This also applies to service & maintenance, such as detecting and repairing errors.

Thanks to the fact that Orlaco HD IP cameras utilize the ONVIF protocol, they are compatible with other IP devices that support this protocol, for example Network Video Recorders. Besides that, the Orlaco HD IP cameras meet the International Maritime Organization (IMO) guidelines for safe and environmentally friendly vessel recycling. Because of that, every camera comes with a Green Passport/IHM certificate.

All Orlaco HD IP cameras come with a user manual and documentation. If desired, Orlaco can also deliver complete surveillance systems (including peripherals, cabling and user software) and support on location for installation of large, complex systems.
About Orlaco
Orlaco develops and produces high quality camera and monitor systems for a wide variety of vehicles and vessels. Orlaco systems provide extraordinary view under all circumstances and support drivers and operators to carry out their job more safely, efficiently and comfortably. Orlaco delivers its systems worldwide to leading Original Equipment Manufacturers, their importers and dealers.