2017 October 18 12:19

Training for port security officials held in Tunisia

An IMO workshop has provided training for Tunisian port security officials to design and undertake drills and exercises in ports. The training course (10-13 October) helped to reinforce and improve existing security measures in the country by training participants to conduct drills and exercises in line with the International Ship and Port Facility Security (ISPS Code) and recommendations in the APEC Manual of Maritime Security Drills and Exercises for Port Facilities.

Activities included live simulation exercises in which participants were assigned various roles, including responders to occurring events and as controllers of incidents, as well as theoretical lessons and discussions. 

The workshop was arranged at the request of the General Directorate of Ports and Maritime Transport of Tunisia. Following the closing of the event, the Directorate’s Director-General, Mr. Youssef Ben Romdhane, congratulated participants and the IMO team facilitating the training for their engagement in the course – which followed a contingency planning workshop on maritime security measures at the national level, conducted by IMO from 28-29 September.