2017 October 18 12:38

Baltic Fleet helicopters land on icebreaker Ilya Muromets within state trials

During the state trials, the Ka-27PS helicopters of the BF Naval Air Force carried out more than 40 landings on the air pad of the military icebreaker Ilya Muromets, says press center of RF Defence Ministry. During two days, pilots practised their tasks by day and at night in various weather conditions.

The helicopter pad was located in the icebreaker’s bow. This requires special skills of the flight crews.

Based on the flight results, special instructions will be prepared for pilots of the Naval Air Force, who will land on vessels of this class.

The new generation icebreaker Ilya Muromets was laid at the Admiralty Shipyards on April 23, 2015, and commissioned in June 2016. The icebreaker will be used to support the Russian Navy’s Arctic Grouping. The icebreaker is 85 m long, and 20 m wide, the speed is 15 knots, the icebreaking capability is 1 metre. The icebreaker’s crew is 32 people strong.