2017 November 28 13:15

Multipurpose Reloading Complex (Ust-Luga) doubles investments in its development to RUB 47.5 mln

From the beginning of this year “Multipurpose Reloading Complex” Ltd. (MRC, a company of UCL Holding) in the port of Ust-Luga (Leningrad Region) invested 47.5 million RUR in the development programme – twice as much as last year.

According to the company’s statement, main objects of expenditure were two newly purchased LIEBHERR material handling machines with grabs of 2.5 m3 each which intensified coal semi-wagons handling and improved safety of cargo handling operations. The throughput of the machines is 250 tons per hour.

Also, four additional interchangeable LIEBHERR GM 20B grabs of 2.5 m3 were bought for new machines.

Along with machinery upgrade the company carried out the modernization of operational areas. During the mentioned period MRC was involved in engineering and geodetic studies for design and construction of new railway handling facility. Other works included strengthening of retaining walls of storage area fencing and modernization of solid domestic waste temporary storage area.

“Multipurpose Reloading Complex” LLC (MRC) (a company of UCL Port – stevedoring division of the international transportation group UCL Holding) – cargo terminal in the port of Ust-Luga, Leningrad region, specializing in unloading, storage and loading of exported and imported general and bulk cargoes. The main cargo is export power coal. In 2016 the turnover of the company amounted to 4.5 million tons of cargo.