2017 December 1 16:31

Port of Gdansk Authority and Port of Rijeka sign memorandum of cooperation

The Port of Gdansk Authority and the Croatian Port of Rijeka signed a memorandum of cooperation. On 21 November, during the international "Sea, Transport and Logistics" conference in Croatia, the companies undertook to work for their common interests and the development of transport corridors. According to PGA, the Polish and Croatian ports are linked through the project of the Trans-European Transport Network, which is of great significance for the maritime industry and the economy of both countries.

The "Sea, Transport and Logistics" conference, held under the patronage of the President of the Republic of Croatia, was attended by stakeholders in the development of the Baltic-Adriatic transport route, as well as entities connected with the maritime and logistics industries. The conference was dedicated, among others, to new technological solutions in logistics and transport, including port infrastructure, as well as international cooperation in the transport industry. The key point of the event was the signing of the memorandum of cooperation between the Port of Gdansk Authority and the Port of Rijeka. The scope of cooperation in terms of sea transport and the TEN-T (Trans-European Transport Network) corridor, as well as the tasks to be carried out by both ports was established. During the meeting, the scope of cooperation was determined along with the companies' joint goals for enhancing their position in Europe.

"The development of transport routes in Europe is one of the important external priorities of the Port of Gdansk Authority. We see many areas in which we can work for the same interests as the Croatian side. The memorandum of cooperation with the Port of Rijeka is an important step towards building strong relations. We want to use our common potential to increase the effectiveness of our activities, also those related to the Three Seas initiative and the TEN-T project. Both these ideas are very important to Poland and Croatia. The location of the Port of Rijeka is strategic to us in terms of our plans of developing the transport network," said Bozena Jankowska, Vice-President of Financial Affairs of the Port of Gdansk Authority.

In the memorandum, the Ports of Gdansk and Rijeka commit to regular exchange of information and cooperation on technical matters and aspects concerning research and development. The declaration also involves mutual support in the development of environmentally friendly activities and those related to safety standards. One of the more important premises is also the support of both ports' interests in their relations with third parties.

Work on the European transport corridor connecting the Adriatic and Baltic Seas started in 2016. The route is supposed to run across Poland, Slovakia, and Austria, all the way to Northern Italy. At the same time, on the initiative of Poland and Croatia, activities aimed at implementing the Three Seas initiative are being conducted. Both these projects are in line with the common interests of Poland and Croatia and are included in the declaration of cooperation between the key seaports of both countries.