2018 January 16 14:10

Port Mechel Temryuk hanlded 1.5 mln t of cargo in 2017, up 6% Y-o-Y (photo)

Port Mechel Temryuk LLC (part of Mechel Group’s Russia division) reached a record high result in 2017 – 1.5 mln t, up 6%, year-on-year, Mechel says in a press release.

The highest growth was demonstrated in the segment of dry bulk cargo, primarily coal. Coal exports grew by 22% to 1 mln t, transshipment of oil products increased by 20% to almost 0.5 mln t.

Port Mechel Temryuk is situated on the Taman coast, where the Kuban River falls into the Azov Sea, some 4 kilometers away from the Krasnodar Region’s town of Temryuk. It is Russia’s southernmost port on the Azov Sea.

Port Temryuk ensures coal supply flow to the countries of the Black Sea and the Mediterranean, with cargo either shipped directly aboard river-sea type ships or transferred in the Kerch Straits onto bulk carriers. The port’s advantageous geographical position close to the Kerch Straits and the Black Sea, as well as the lack of ice throughout winter makes it particularly useful and attractive.

Mechel Temryuk is a universal transshipment complex. It consists of two operational 248-meter berths. The total shore length of the complex is 850 meters, and it takes the total area of 36 hectares.

The port currently shifts some 1,5 million tonnes of cargo a year, mostly coal and coke, as well as rolled products.