2006 April 21 05:58

The net profit of RZHD increased by 11.4 % to 9.75 billion rubles in 2005

The net profit of RZHD OJSC according to the Russian standards of accounting (RSA) in 2005 increased by 11.4 %, in comparison with figures for 2004, and totaled more than 9.75 billion rubles. As RZHD-Partner writes, financial report of the company shows the given figures. Earlier RZHD reported that the net profit of the company amounts to 11.3 billion rubles. Although on results of 2005 the company planned to receive 10 billion rubles of net profit. Meanwhile, the other summary financial parameter of company's activity such as the proceeds amounted to 748.68 billion rubles in 2005 that is 13.5 % higher than in 2004. Production costs of the sold commodities and services are equal to 681.3 billion rubles (+13.1 %), total profit - 67.4 billion rubles (+18.1 %), sales profit – 64.42 billion rubles (+17.8 %), profit before the taxation – 31.36 billion rubles (+18.2 %). Incomes of cargo transportation totaled more than 585.672 billion rubles, and its production cost totaled almost 480.5 billion rubles.