2018 November 2 16:15

Waterborne cargo traffic within Azov-Don River Basin in Jan-Oct 2018 rose 10% to 9.628 million tonnes

Total waterborne cargo volume carried on inland waterways of the Azov-Don Basin GDP as of November 1, 2018 reached 9,628,000 tonnes of various goods, or up 10% on the same period a year earlier, the FBA Azov-Don Basin Authority.
During the reporting period, freight volume transported within the Azov-Don waterways grew by 10% to 1,655,000 tonnes, while transit cargoes that passed the region’s inland waterways rose 10% to 7,973,000 tonnes.

Ship traffic on inland waterways of Azov-Don Basin as of November 1, 2018 was 5,568 vessels and ATB units (2,738 vessels downward; 2,830 vessels upward) versus 5,086 vessels / ATBs (2, 515 – downward; 2,571 vessels upward).

In October 2018, total waterborne cargo traffic within the Azov-Don Basin Inland Waterways leaped by 24% to 1,551,000 tonnes. The transported cargo included largely wheat (20.9%), fuel oil (18.4%) and VGO (9.8%). Transit freight traffic jumped by 24% to 1,236,000 tonnes while domestic cargo moved within the region’s inland waterways grew by 23% to 315,000 tonnes.

In October monthly ship traffic totaled 866 vessels and ATB units (442  downward and 424 - upward). There were a total of 694 vessels in 2017 (355 downward, 339 - upward).

The volume of water released from the Tsimlyansk Reservoir between September 12 and October 5 totaled 410 cb m/s, October 6 – 22: 380 cb m/s. From October 23 and until further notice the rate will be: 410 cb m/s

In October, actual depth of the stretch from the entrance to the 132nd Channel to the Kochetovsky Hydroengineering Complex was 400 cm, from the Kochetovsky Complex to the 3121st km stretch of the Don River: 390-400 cm.

The Federal Azov-Don Basin Administration is responsible for management and control of inland waterways of the Don River from the lower access channel of Lock No 15 (Tsimlyansk Reservoir) to the village of Aksai (the 3121-km stretch of the Don), except for Nikolayevsky and the Konstantinovsky hydroengineering facilities, and the tributaries of the Don River, Seversky Donets (from Krasny farm to the mouth) and the Manych River (from the Novo-Manychskaya Dam to the mouth). The total length of the Azov-Don Basin Administration managed inland waterways reaches 691.3 km.‎