2018 November 13 09:44

National maritime transport policy training held for Mexican officials

IMO says officials from various government entities in Mexico have received training in how to develop a National Maritime Transport Policy (NMPT). The concept is being promoted by IMO as a good governance practice to guide planning, decision making and legislation in the maritime sector, and as a key driver for a country's sustainable development. This IMO video further explains what a NMPT is and how it can give a country the tools it needs to become an effective participant in the maritime sector.

Representatives from the Mexican Navy and from other Government bodies and other stakeholders involved in the development of NMTPs were trained on the formulation process and content of maritime transport policy with the aim being to assist them to put into place a NMTP for Mexico as well as a strategy for its implementation.  

The workshop took place in Mexico City (7-9 November) and was organized by IMO in close cooperation with the Unit for the Captain of the Port Offices and Maritime Affairs (UNICAPAM) of the Secretariat of the Mexican Navy (SEMAR) and with the involvement of the World Maritime University (WMU).