2018 December 24 14:26

Acceptance/delivery certificate signed for Pola Anatolia, lead ship of project RSD59

On December 18th, 2018 an act of acceptance of the lead ship in a series of five dry cargo vessel project RSD59 mixed "river-sea" navigation "Pola Anatolia" was signed between the shipping company LLC "Pola Rise" (Russia), PJSC “State Transport Leasing Company” and LLC "Nevsky Shipyard".

The RSD59 prj. was designed by Marine Engineering Bureau.

RSD59 vessels refer to the "Volga-Don Max" type due to MEB internal classification. They have maximum possible dimensions for the Volga-Don Canal. The new dry-cargo project RSD59, which is constructed in "super-full" ship lines with two dry cargo holds, one of which has a record length for Volgo-Don Max vessels, is the successor of the three-hold RSD49 series. At the same time, according to the displacement of the RSD59 vessels, they are by far the largest of dry cargo vessels satisfying the dimensions of the Volga-Don shipping channel.