2018 December 25 11:08

RF Navy's Pacific Fleet detachment completes its visit to Sri Lanka

RF Navy's Pacific Fleet detachment completes its visit to Sri Lanka, says press center of RF Defence Ministry.

Protocol events were held during the visit. The Russian delegation headed by the Russian Ambassador to Sri Lanka held a meeting with the Commander of the Western Naval Area of the Sri Lanka Navy, Rear Admiral N. Ulugetenne and the Commander of the Sri Lanka Navy Vice Admiral S. Ranasinghe.

Having completed the passage of the sea, the Pacific Fleet servicemen were given time to rest, during which they visited the sights of a foreign city, conducted a city tour, visited the zoo and the National Museum.In addition, a number of joint friendly football, volleyball and tug-of-war sports matches were held between the seamen of the Pacific Fleet and the Sri Lanka Navy.

During the call at the naval base of Colombo, the Sri Lanka servicemen visited the Russian warships. Sri Lanka seamen got acquainted with the warships weapons, conditions of service and life of the Russian seamen while visiting missile cruiser Varyag and the major ASW ship Admiral Panteleyev.

In addition, the detachment of the Pacific Fleet warships has conducted a replenishment of fuel and food.

A detachment of the Pacific Fleet warships under the leadership of the Commander of the Pacififc Fleet Submarine Forces Rear Admiral Eduard Mikhailov sailed off for a distant cruise on December 1, 2018. The main aim of the voyage is demonstrating Russian Navy ensign in the Asia-Pacific region and the further development of naval cooperation with Asia-Pacific countries