2018 December 29 14:32

FSUE Rosmorport reports 7-pct growth of its 2018 revenue to RUB 26.9 billion

Revenue of FSUE Rosmorport in 2018 totaled RUB 26.9 billion, up 7%, year-on-year. According to the company’s press release, revenue from the company’s basic activities totaled RUB 20.9 billion; rental revenue – RUB 3.1 billion; revenue from other activities – RUB 2.9 billion.

The number of calls to the ports covered by Rosmorport’s activities exceeded 390,000. The services of Rosmorport’s vessel tracking management system were rendered to more than 900,000 vessels.

The number of pilotage operations performed by FSUE Rosmorport exceeded 180,000.

The company invested RUB 9 billion of its own resources in modernization and construction of new port infrastructure facilities.

The scope of dredging performed by FSUE Rosmorport totaled 8 million cbm in 2018.

The fleet of FSUE Rosmorport has been expanded with 7 ships including 3 units build by Rosmorport’s subsidiary – Onezhsky Shipbuilding, Ship Repair Yard (Onega Shipyard).