2019 January 25 16:44

Freight turnover of NCSP Group for 11 months of 2018 comes to 127.283 million tonnes

NCSP Group reports that consolidated cargo turnover of NCSP Group for January – November 2018 went down 3.1% year-on-year and amounted to 127,283 thousand tonnes, Transneft says in a press release.

Transshipment of liquid cargo at the terminals of NCSP Group in January – November 2018 sank by 6.6% or 6,427 thousand tonnes to 91,127 tonnes, including 59,794 thousand tonnes of crude oil, 30,367 thousand tonnes of petroleum products, 711 thousand tonnes of UAN (urea ammonium nitrate solution) and 255 thousand tonnes of vegetable oils.

In January – November 2018, transshipment of bulk cargo at the terminals of NCSP Group grew by 3.7% or 566 thousand tonnes year-on-year, reaching 15,949 thousand tonnes.

From January to November 2018, transshipment of general cargoes at the terminals of NCSP Group increased by 7.9% or 997 thousand tonnes, reaching 13,660 thousand tonnes.

The increase in the volume of transshipped general cargo was mainly achieved due to burgeoning volumes of transshipped cast iron in view of robust sales to the EU states and expansion of sales markets (supplies to Southeast Asia). Transshipment of ferrous metals and cast iron grew by 12.6% or 1,376 thousand tonnes, reaching 12,313 thousand tonnes.

Transshipment of containers via the berths of NCSP Group in the reporting period reached 5,570 thousand tonnes or 559,000 TEU, which is 3.2% (in tonnes) and 4.2% (in TEU) more year-on-year.

In January – November 2018, transshipment of other freights at NCSP Group’s terminals amounted to 978 thousand tonnes, an increase of 2.4 times, mainly due to direct transshipment of various cargoes in big bags and special containers.

NCSP Group is the largest Russian port operator in terms of freight turnover. Transneft is the controlling shareholder of NCSP (62%).

NCSP’s shares are listed on Moscow Exchange (stock symbol: NMTP) as well as on London Stock Exchange in the form of GDR (stock symbol: NCSP). The cargo turnover of NCSP Group in 2017 amounted to 143.5 million tonnes. NCSP Group includes NCSP, PTP, NGT, NSRY, NCSP Fleet, NLE, IPP, Baltic Stevedore Company and SFP.