2019 January 26 13:14

Fincantieri: Roadshow addressed to local industry underway

As part of the initiatives targeted at the tender carried out by the Brazilian Navy for the construction of 4 Tamandaré class corvettes, Fincantieri engaged in a road show aimed at involving the country's industry, promoting the creation and the development of the small and medium-sized local and national companies supply chain, the shipbuilding group said in a press release.

The road show started from Recife today, where the Vard Promar shipyard of Fincantieri is located.  The Italian Minister of Defense, Elisabetta Trenta, participated, among others, in the event, also paying visit to the yard. The next stops will be in Rio de Janeiro on January, 30 and in Sao Paulo on  February, 6.

Fincantieri was selected in October in a short list of competitors within the tender, worth about 1.6 billion euros, carried out by the Brazilian Navy, which is expected to be concluded by the end of March with the selection of the shipbuilding yard.

The CEO of Fincantieri, Giuseppe Bono, commented: "The element marking our offer is the involvement of the Brazilian industry for a possible inclusion of local companies in Fincantieri supply chain. These would then become potential suppliers not only for the Tamandaré project, but also for future naval programs. Accessing to a broader and strategic business would represent a major step for the country's economy with a view to growth". Bono concluded: "I would therefore like to thank Minister Trenta for having chosen to be present today at the beginning of our initiative, thus witnessing the attention to our activities also abroad".

Fincantieri has been investing in Brazil in years, cooperating with the National Navy for the development of the modernization programs of its fleet. In fact, the Group won the tender for the supply of "specific and specialized engineering services" of the new Tamandaré Class Corvettes, supporting the Navy in the implementation of the project to the complete customer satisfaction.

Following the acquisition of Vard in 2013, Fincantieri is present in Brazil, in the Pernambuco state, with the important construction site of Promar. As proof of its intention to consolidate its position in the country, Fincantieri has invested in the last years about 400 million real, approx. 100 million euros, in this yard, for technological modernization which makes it immediately ready, today, for the construction of naval vessels.

Today the Vard Promar shipyard employs approximately 800 people and it is an excellence of the Brazilian naval industry, producing ships for primary operators in the Oil & Gas sector. It is able to guarantee the construction of merchant and naval units in full compliance with the time requirements and according to the quality standards required.