2019 February 25 12:28

34 vessels escorted by icebreakers in eastern part of Gulf of Finland during 24 hours on February 24-25

34 vessels were escorted by icebreakers in the eastern part of the Gulf of Finland during 24 hours on February 24-25, says Ice Operations Headquarters of the Baltic Sea Ports Administration.

From the beginning of winter navigation season, icebreakers escorted 1,087 vessels including 648 vessels in Big Port St. Petersburg, 108 vessels in Primorsk, 59 vessels in Ust-Luga, 232 vessels in Vyborg and Vysotsk, 40 vessels in the Gulf of Finland.

According to Ice Operations Headquarters, 9 icebreakers are involved. 

30-40 cm thick fast ice is observed in the Neva Bay. 10-25 cm thick brash ice is observed on the Seaway Canal of Saint-Petersburg. 10-20 cm thick brash ice with concentration of 7-9/10th is observed at Big Kronshtadt Anchorage. 20-35 cm thick solid ice is observed between the Dock-Gate Building and buoys No 1-2. Between the entrance buoy and buoy No 11 – solid ice of 15-30 cm thick. Further westwards to buoy No 8 - open pack ice of 10-15 cm thick. To the west of buoy No 8 - ice free water with .

Between the port of Vyborg and the turning buoy of Vysotsk port: fast ice of 30-35 cm thick. The canal is free with 15-25 cm thick brash ice. Between the turning buoy of Vysotsk port and Vysotsk Gate (including water area of Vysotsk port) – solid ice with thickness of up to 25 cm. Between Vysotsk entrance buoy and the Rondo island – compact ice with thickness of up to 25 cm. Between the Rondo island and the Hally island – open pack ice. Between the Hally island and buoy No 4, and further on - ice free water. 

In the water area of Primorsk port and up to buoy No 7 of the Big Ship Fairway – clear water.

Between the port of Ust-Luga and Buoy No 2 of the approach fairway - ice free water. Further on, to the Anchorage No 10 and to the Big Ship Fairway – open pack ice of 15-25 cm.