2019 February 27 11:09

Inland shipping between Rotterdam and North Sea Port on the rise

Every year, some 15,000 containers are transported directly between Rotterdam, Vlissingen, Terneuzen and Ghent via a regular inland shipping service, Port of Rotterdam said in its release. Two years ago, the port of Rotterdam and North Sea Port jointly invested in this new connection, which was set up by logistics service provider Danser Group.

Before 2016, the four ports in question weren’t linked via a scheduled service, although there was already inland shipping between the individual ports. A large share of the cargo was transported via road haulage. In response to increased demand for a frequent cross-border connection, in December 2016 Danser launched a weekly container vessel service that calls on each of the ports. Its introduction contributed to the current modal shift from road haulage to inland shipping and takes optimal advantage of the participating ports’ strong maritime and transhipment functions. The collaboration – involving an annual volume of some 15,000 TEU – can be considered a success.

Most of the 15,000 containers are transported along the corridor Rotterdam-Zeeland-Ghent. In addition, the volume of cargo carried from and to Northern France and Southern Belgium is steadily increasing.

Over the next few years, Danser Group expects to record significant growth in the take-up of this service. The North Sea Port area has already been expanded with a new terminal – the 3MCT in Westdorpe, Zeeland – and the operator will be stepping up the frequency of scheduled departures.