2019 April 9 18:07

Unique Group set to offer marine scrubber solutions through a major investment in Kamelia Cleantech

Unique Group, one of the world’s leading integrated marine and subsea solution providers, has become a major shareholder in Kamelia Cleantech, the company said in its release. This partnership will offer a full range of end-to-end integrated scrubber solutions for removing Sulphur dioxide from vessel exhausts for the global shipping industry. Kamelia Cleantech, a prominent exhaust gas scrubber solution provider, will combine its technical knowledge with Unique Group’s global presence to provide flexible customised solutions for new and old vessels with minimised downtime.

The scrubber systems provided by Kamelia Cleantech, a Unique Group company are modular and can be offered as open loop, hybrid & hybrid ready. The systems are tailored according to the vessel and client requirements, thus ensuring fast turnaround and efficient service.

The revolutionary ‘work on voyage’ approach adopted by Kamelia Cleantech ensures the opportunity costs are reduced up to 70%, helping vessel operators & owners significantly.

Kamelia Cleantech’s smart and adaptive control software, an integral part of the solution, helps optimise vessel operations by regulating alkali usage in closed loop operation as well as scrubber water consumption for all operation modes, thereby leading to cost savings for the client.