2019 June 6 13:02

Trilateral agreement on creation of Bronka Transport and Logistics Center signed at SPIEF 2019

Trilateral agreement on creation of Bronka Transport and Logistics Center has been signed today, 6 June 2019, at Saint-Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF 2019), says press center of Bronka Group LLC.

The document was signed by Russian Railways Board Chairman Oleg Belozerov, Acting Governor of Saint-Petersburg Akelsandr Beglov and Bronka TLC General Director Andrey Zaitsev. 

The construction of Bronka TLC will provide Saint-Petersburg with a new mainline facility ensuring the maximum throughput capacity and high level infrastructure that will cargo transportation faster and cheaper due to a scale effect and close interaction of several types of transport. 

Bronka TLC project foresees the construction of a backbone railway infrastructure (7 lines with total length exceeding 7 km) including auxiliary facilities, road approaches, storage facilities, service points covering the area of over 310,000 square meters. 

The project is financed by own resources of Bronka TLC LLC without involvement of state funds.

The integration of railway and cargo handling infrastructure of Bronka TLC and the adjacent port Bronka (owned and operated by Fenix LLC) as well as the unification of cargo units (containers) will ensure additional transport and investment attractiveness of the city and the Leningrad Region 

“During this project development, special role was played by experience accumulated in the course of designing and launching of a modern deep-water port, Bronka. Given the prospects of international trade development, there is every indication that Bronka TLC will facilitate the integration of Russia’s national transport system into the global system of cargo transportation”, commented Nikolai Negodov, General Director of Fenix LLC.

According to the agreement, Bronka TLC LLC will develop investment proposals on construction of facilities for industry, logistic, social, business, engineering and transport purposes and ensure fundraising. In the future, it will  ensure efficient operation of the facilities. Russian Railways OJSC and Saint-Petersburg Administration, in their turn, are ready to provide information and consultancy support of the project within their authorities.

Bronka Transport and Logistics Center is a joint venture of Fenix LLC and Logoper LLC established for solving the tasks on construction of a modern transport infrastructure facility in the territory of MSCC Bronka. The key purpose of Bronka TLC is to develop an important part of East-West trade route for a more efficient fulfillment of Russia’s transit potential as well as for facilitation of economic and social development of adjacent territories.

Bronka TLC specifications: area - 31 hectares, number of loading/unloading lines – 7, tolal length of lines – 7,350 meters, number of track-mounted portal cranes – 6.

MSCC Bronka (Multipurpose Sea Cargo Complex Bronka) is the only deep-water terminal in Big Port of St. Petersburg able to accommodate vessels of up to 347 meters in length, up to 50 meters in width and up to 13 meters in draft. Operational from December 2015, the terminal specializes in handling of containers, Ro-Ro and general cargo. 

As of today, MSCC Bronka is able to handle about 1.9 million TEUs and over 260,000 units of vehicles  and special equipment per year.