2019 June 26 11:35

Russia's Main Department of State Expertise approved project on development of bunkering base at commercial seaport of Murmansk

Experts of Glavgosexpertiza (Russia's Main Department of State Expertise) have considered and approved the resubmitted engineering survey findings for the project on development of an offshore and onshore parts of bunkering base in the territory of Murmansk Commercial seaport, Glavgosexpertiza says in a press release.  

The works will be conducted on the Kola Bay coast, within the Leninsky District of Murmansk. The bunkering base to built at the premises of the former production facility of Trest Murmanskmorstroy OJSC is intended for accepting, storage and reloading onto road and seaborne transport of furnace fuel oil and Arctic diesel fuel delivered by railway.  

The complex occupying 53,694 square meters is to include a two-way tank car rack, a tank farm, an oil product pumping station and an automated station for loading of tank cars, a transfer metering station, a transforming station, a boiling house and other facilities.

Annual turnover of oil products will make 441,000 tonnes, storage capacity of the base - 18,606 tonnes.